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Dr. Lawson

A Message from Dr. Lawson

At Lawson Family Dentistry we love creating new smiles! It has become our mission to make more people smile, because a smile is a universal symbol of happiness, and there are far too many people hiding their teeth in photos with their loved ones. We want to help everyone smile confidently and comfortably. We do this by producing the finest dentistry with the most natural results.

-Dr. Jessica Lawson

Patient 1 – Veneers

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Teeth weren’t symmetrical
  • Had lots of staining

Treatment Done

We used veneers to fix his smile and this patient is grinning from ear to ear now!

X04449 scaled
X04449 4 scaled

Patient 2 – Botox

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Unhappy with gummy smile
  • Wanted to improve smile for her wedding!

Treatment Done

This beautiful bride-to-be was interested in improving her gummy smile for her wedding. For only $78 worth of Botox Cosmetic, we were able to decrease the movement of her upper lip and give her the beautiful, natural smile she was looking for–avoiding gum surgery and orthodontics. This is a low maintenance, cost effective option!

X04427 scaled
X04427 2 1 scaled

Patient 3 – Bridges & Crowns

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Severe tooth decay, discoloration and gaps 
  • Granddaughter  wanted Grandpa to smile more!

Treatment Done

Bridges and crowns done on all anteriors and the right side to close his gap. We are getting ready to do all the left posteriors to support his cheers on both sides and improve his bite. He is now already smiling confidently while showing his teeth!

severe tooth decay
patient 3 after 1
patient 3 after 2

Patient 4 – Veneers

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Unhappy with smile because of large gaps in teeth
  • Teeth were also uneven and chipped
  • Was not a good candidate for orthodontics because gaps would just shift

Treatment Done

We gave this young, attractive dad his confidence back by closing the spaces in his teeth as well as lengthening and brightening them! In total it took 12 veneers on the upper and lower incisors.

patient 1 before min
patient 1 after min

Patient 5 – Veneers & Crowns

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Patient suffered from acid reflux and sleep apnea
  • The wear on his teeth had caused them to shorten and discolor
  • Patient wanted to get healthy and restore the length and shade of his teeth before the disease furthered

Treatment Done

The patient received a combination of veneers and crowns for treatment. Gum recontouring was also done as the patient displays his gums when he smiles. To finish, the patient was made a night-guard to protect his cosmetic work and we helped get him treated for sleep apnea with a cpap as well. As an added bonus, his beautiful bride is thrilled with his new smile!

X00616 2 scaled
X00616 1 1 scaled

Patient 6 – Veneers & Whitening

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Patient felt her teeth were too bulky
  • Was always hiding her teeth with a “reverse” or upside-down smile

Treatment Done

4 veneers were done on this successful, beautiful entrepreneur and look how her smile turns up! She also underwent teeth whitening to have that full, radiant smile.

X03355 scaled
X03355 3 scaled

Patient 7 – Veneers

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Patient had veneers procedure over 20 years ago but was unhappy with shape and bulk with them
  • Also previously had orthodontic treatment but still had unresolved concerns

Treatment Done

Dr. Lawson changed the shape and bulk of the new veneers for a more natural look and the patient was very happy with the new results!

patient 7 bulky veneers
bulky veneers
veneers redone after 20 years

Patient 8 – Veneers & Crowns

Presenting Complaints/Problems

  • Patient was unhappy with crooked teeth even after previously having orthodontic work
  • Patient was also unhappy with shape and size of front 4 teeth

Treatment Done

Dr. Lawson recommended veneers and crowns on the front upper 6 teeth. Patient is now pleased with new aesthetics.

crooked teeth before veneers
patient 8 after
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