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Restoring smiles.

Transforming lives.

Empowering patients with life-changing dentistry. It’s more than our vision statement – it’s what we do every single day. Because behind every treatment, there’s a story.

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Hi, it’s Dr. Lawson.

“For my team and I, your smile is so much more than your gums and teeth – it’s your connection to the world. Smiling is one of life’s greatest joys, and it’s our mission to help you feel that joy every single day. We want you to love your smile fully and unconditionally, so that when the cameras come out, and your big moment arrives, you can just…smile.”

Every detail matters. If you have questions, we’ll help you find clarity.

See The Transformation


“I used to be afraid to smile, but now I’m grinning from ear to ear.”

This patient was concerned about the symmetry of his teeth and persistent stains that had built up over time, but with veneers, we corrected both the shape and color of his teeth, giving him a smile that he’s proud to share with the world.

Before After veneers beforeveneers after

Before & After


“Having that perfect smile made it feel like a fairytale wedding!”

With her wedding just around the corner, this beautiful bride-to-be wanted her gums to be less visible when she smiled. For only $78-worth of botox, we reduced the movement of her upper lip and gave her the beautiful, natural smile she wanted for her big day.

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Before & After

Bridges & Crowns

“I can finally laugh and smile with my granddaughter.”

When this patient’s granddaughter asked him why he never smiled, he knew it was time to do something about the decay, discoloration, and gaps in his smile. Using bridges and crowns, we helped restore not only the look of his smile, but the strength of his bite as well.

Before After bridges crowns beforebridges crowns after

Before & After

Veneers & Crowns

“I never knew dentistry could make such a big difference.”

Acid reflux had caused this patient’s teeth to become shortened and discolored, and he wanted to make a change before the damage got worse. Applying a combination of veneers and crowns, we revitalized his smile and provided him with a custom-fit night guard to protect his brand new smile.

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Before & After

Whitening & Veneers

“With my new smile, I can confidently be the face of my business.”

This young, successful entrepreneur had plenty to smile about, but she was always hiding her smile because she felt like her teeth were too bulky and made her smile curve down rather than up. 4 veneers and one whitening treatment later, she finally loves her smile.

Before After whitening veneers beforewhitening veneers after

Before & After


“With other dentists, the results just weren’t perfect. Then I met Dr. Lawson.”

Having received veneers and orthodontic work in the past, this patient still wasn’t happy with the look and size of her teeth. She was very particular about achieving a subtle, natural look for her smile, and was thrilled with the results of her new veneers.

Before After veneers before 270x150 x1.5 1veneers after 270x150 x1.5 1

Before & After

Veneers & Crowns

“I thought I’d be stuck with bad teeth forever. This is a dream come true.” 

Even after going through years of orthodontic treatment, this patient still had nagging doubts about the size, shape, and alignment of their teeth. But by applying crowns and veneers to their 6 upper front teeth, their dream smile was no longer a dream.

Before After veneers before 270x150 x1.5 2veneers after 270x150 x1.5 2

Before & After

Trial Smile Design

As a seasoned dental assistant, she’d worked at multiple offices with several dentists, but she only trusted Dr. Lawson to work on her smile.

Recapture the magic in your smile.

A full smile opens the door to a fuller life. 

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