Why I chose Dr. Lawson
for my smile

Why I chose Dr. Lawson for my smile

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Changing Smile Transformation

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My Story

As someone who’s worked as a dental assistant for over 20 years, I know a thing or two about the dental industry

Alaska, the Midwest, the East Coast – I’ve had the chance to work alongside dentists from all across the country.

Through that time, I knew I needed dental work on my own smile – not just for esthetics, but for severe pain and headaches I’d had ever since an accident I was involved in when I was younger.

To make matters worse, I’d
always ignored my teeth grinding

By the time I got around to wearing a set of night guards, it was too late; I’d ground my teeth down so far that my jaw joint was adding extra pressure to the discomfort that was already there.

Now, this leads to a pretty obvious question: I knew that I needed to fix my teeth, and I worked alongside dentists every single day – so why hadn’t I done anything?


The corrective work my smile needed wasn’t minor. It was going to be an extensive process, the results were going to be life-changing, and I had yet to find a dentist who I trusted enough to do the work… until I started working with Dr. Lawson.

She does the best work, she is a perfectionist, and I was finally ready to trust someone to do that work on my teeth.

Her level of focus, attention to detail, gentle demeanor…I’d never met a dentist like that before. There are a lot of practitioners out there who talk about their passion for dentistry and how much they care about their patients, but few of them truly embrace what that means.

Working with Dr. Lawson, I could see that her care and passion were authentic, and that’s when I knew I could trust her with my smile.

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My Smile

Like most people, my teeth weren’t naturally flawless, and the years of tooth grinding hadn’t done me or the esthetics of my smile any favors.

Looking at the “before” picture, you can see what I mean. My teeth were a bit uneven, and my two front teeth, especially, had been worn down from all that tooth grinding.

My Treatment

To address the issues I was having, Dr. Lawson recommended that I get several crowns and veneers.

They would help adjust the shape and size of my teeth to create that even, uniform look that people think of when they imagine what a great smile looks like, and – more importantly – they would realign my jaw to alleviate all the tension, pressure, and headaches I’d been struggling with for years.

One of the best parts about Dr. Lawson’s process is the Trial Smile Design that lets you really get a sense of what your “new” smile is going to look and feel like.

Dental Procedure being performed
Woman smiling radiantly

Here’s me wearing my smile preview

Not bad, right? Let me tell you, having seen patients struggle through impression plaster at other dental offices, I was so glad that we had an all-digital process.

Wearing my smile preview, I noticed a difference immediately. Not just in how my smile looked, but how it felt too – I could already feel less strain on my jaws and teeth.

Maybe it’s kind of weird to say this since I’m a medical professional, but I don’t love undergoing treatment myself; being able to get a really clear sense of what the end result was going to be like made me feel so much more confident about my decision.

My Results

Say hello to the new me! What do you think?

To my eyes, it’s a lot better than it was before, and the improvements are especially clear when you look at the before and after photos of my smile side-by-side:

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I was a little bit worried about the results looking overly artificial or “manufactured”, but Dr. Lawson took the time to make as many adjustments as I needed to feel satisfied with the end result.

I think my new smile looks natural, and I can tell you that it certainly feels natural!

For me, though, the success of the treatment was always going to be measured by what happened to my headaches and jaw pain.

I’m beyond thrilled to tell you that they’re gone. Yup, that’s right – not just lessened. Gone.

It’s been weeks since Dr. Lawson put the finishing touches on my new smile, and I haven’t had a single headache since then. Not one. All that tension in my jaw has just melted away – it feels like I have an entirely new mouth in the best way possible.

My Final Thoughts

In the world of dentistry, we often talk about treatments like they’re life-changing, and I know that can sound like a stretch sometimes.

But when – like me – you’re suddenly free from a lifetime of headaches and discomfort, or finally have a smile that you’re not embarrassed to show off, it genuinely is life-changing.

I lived with years of pain because, with everything I knew about dentistry, I wasn’t willing to entrust my smile to any of the dentists I’d met. And if I hadn’t had the good fortune to start working with Dr. Lawson, I’d probably still be living with that pain today. Instead, I have a smile that’s perfect for me – both in how it looks and how it feels.

I owe that smile to Dr. Lawson. Seeing the care and attention that she brings to every patient inspired me to put my smile in her hands, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.