Dr. Lawson custom-fits dentures that look natural & feel comfortable

Whether you’re replacing several teeth or restoring your entire smile, you’ll love the look and feel of your dentures.

Looking for the tried-and-true value of traditional dentures? Dr. Lawson will work with you to achieve a comfortable fit that minimizes chafing or slipping. Ready to upgrade to implant supported dentures? You’ll be receiving them from a dentist who has been restoring smiles with dental implants for over 16 years and was recognized with an ICOI fellowship in 2022.

You get the no-compromise smile restoration you need to get back to eating, smiling, and speaking just like you used to.

Get the right dentures for your smile.

Traditional Dentures

Worn by tens of millions of Americans, removable traditional dentures are a reliable and economical option for restoring your smile.

Implant Retained Dentures

They’re like traditional dentures, but offer more stability since they’re secured by 2+ dental implants. They snap on and off for easy daily cleaning.

Implant Bar Supported Dentures

Bar supported dentures add an extra layer of stability, typically using 4+ implants and extra reinforcement. They’re still removable for easy cleaning.

Fixed Crown & Bridges

This option looks and feels the most like natural teeth. Instead of having a denture lining, it uses 6+ dental implants to permanently secure a set of dental crowns.

Choose implant-supported dentures for maximum stability

When you choose fixed dentures, you get durable, long-lasting dentures that feel practically indistinguishable to a natural smile — no chafing or slipping.

As one of Des Moines’ leading implant dentists, and a fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, you can count on Dr. Lawson to deliver outstanding results.

  • Full arch restoration (full mouth implants)
  • Upper arch restoration
  • Lower arch restoration
  • Full arch restoration (full mouth implants)
  • Upper arch restoration
  • Lower arch restoration

Designed for life, personalized for you

For Dr. Lawson, dentures are never “just” a set of teeth. They’re a vital part of how you eat, speak, and feel every day, and she crafts dentures that let you handle them all confidently.

Her extensive experience covers not just removable dentures, but implant-supported dentures as well. Paired with her wholistic, integrative approach to dentistry, it means that no matter which type of dentures you need, yours will look natural, feel comfortable, and protect your long-term health.

Explore common questions about dentures

We typically take 4-6 weeks to prepare traditional custom-made dentures. That’s a little bit longer than some places, but the added time means you’re able to try on your dentures and request adjustments for better speech, function, and esthetics before you receive the final set.

For implant-supported dentures, you can expect a 6-12 month timeline if you’re receiving dental implants for the first time. If you already have the necessary implants to support your dentures, then the process is much shorter, taking around 8 weeks.

You will! As part of our fitting process, we’ll provide you with a wearable preview that will give you a sense of how your new smile will look and feel. It’s also a great chance to point out any final adjustments that you’d like us to make before we create your dentures.

It really depends on the type of dentures you’re looking for and your current overall oral health. If you have insurance or benefits, that can also affect your total out-of-pocket cost as well, so the best way to understand how much you’ll need to pay for dentures is to speak with an oral health professional like Dr. Lawson and receive a detailed estimate.

Yes, if you have an older pair of dentures that has a worn out lining or just doesn’t fit snugly anymore, we can work with you to find a solution that works for both your budget and long-term comfort.