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You may be one of the millions of Americans facing tooth loss. Not only is tooth loss embarrassing, it can damage your oral health if left untreated. There are so many more tooth replacement options now than many years ago. Tooth loss is not just a senior adult problem; many young people are losing teeth in accidents, due to tooth decay, or due to gum disease. If you’re missing teeth and don’t know what to do, you’re not alone. Let Dr. Jessica Lawson, a restorative dentist in Urbandale, can help you get your smile back and your confidence restored.

With specialized training in aesthetics foundations and advanced smile design, Dr. Lawson approaches every smile with the deft hand and discerning eye of a sculptor. She works with the nation’s top dental labs to source light, yet strong, injectable acrylic for dental prostheses and beautiful, lifelike nanoceramic for dental crowns. From shape to shade, each detail of your dental restoration is refined to achieve a pleasing, natural look.

With the amazing Trial Smile Design software, you’ll be able to see the finished product before your first treatment! Restorative dentistry in Urbandale with Dr. Lawson really is life-changing.

Whole Body Health and Oral Health

Receiving dental implants transforms your life, allowing you to rediscover the convenience and comfort of eating, smiling, and speaking just as you did with your natural teeth. When your oral health and whole body health are in good shape, your quality of life is improved, your confidence is restored, and you can thrive instead of merely existing.

With Dr. Jessica Lawson, your smile is in the hands of one of the most sought-after implant planning and restoration dentists in the metro area. Caring, friendly, and gentle, she’ll work with you one-on-one to create and place an implant solution that matches your comfort, lifestyle, and aesthetic needs.

Integrating Advanced Healing Techniques

At Lawson Dentistry, we integrate advanced healing techniques like Perio Protect into our implant process, ensuring optimal gum health and implant success. This approach, coupled with our understanding of disease pathogens, equips us to provide tailored treatments, enhancing the longevity and health of your dental implants.

Dental Implant Process

While no two patients are exactly alike in what their implant needs are, the process is generally the same for all patients. At Lawson Dentistry, you can expect:


Caring, friendly, and gentle, Dr. Lawson will take the time to understand your needs and explain how you can achieve the results you desire.


Using our industry-leading scanning equipment, Dr. Lawson will generate a detailed model of your mouth and jaw, which will then be used to create a precise surgical plan.

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Next, Dr. Lawson will prepare your mouth and place the implant. With our advanced sedation systems, you’ll feel little to no discomfort throughout the surgery.


Healing will take 4-9 months depending on the number of implants you receive. You’ll receive regular checkups and high-quality temporary crowns while you heal.


Finally, Dr. Lawson will fit your implants with durable permanent crowns, each one handcrafted for a seamless fit and individually chosen to match the shade of the surrounding teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants in Urbandale

Is everyone a candidate for dental implants?

While most people make great candidates for dental implants, there are some medical conditions and habits like smoking that will not allow you to get dental implants. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Lawson will know if you’re a candidate or not for implants.

Is it painful?

We offer sedation dentistry to keep you calm and relaxed during the procedure, and if you experience any pain that is greater than expected, you will simply call the office and we will address that promptly.

How long does it take?

You must be able to commit to several months for successful dental implantation, but the time you spend will be well worth the final result. You will have gorgeous teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. You will enjoy your favorite foods and you will smile with pride and confidence for the first time in years.

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Dental Implants in Urbandale

Learn More About Dental Implants in Urbandale

Dr. Jessica Lawson is the restorative dentist in Urbandale who can place dental implants that will last the rest of your life. Please call Lawson Dentistry at (515) 278-4366, or fill out our online contact form to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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