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Sedation Dentistry in Urbandale, IA

Your smile deserves excellent care. You deserve comfortable treatment. With sedation dentistry, you get both.

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Goodbye, dental anxiety.

If you’re always dreading dental visits – or even putting them off – you’ll love the stressless, zero-anxiety experience that you get with mild dental sedation.

You stay awake and aware, but your visit feels quick and relaxing. Even better: together with our fast-acting, carefully controlled dental anesthesia, there’s no pain or lasting drowsiness — so you can get on with your day sooner.

“No more feeling nervous or avoiding the dentist. Just the experience you want and the care your smile needs.“

“Oh, are we done already?”

Unlike dental anesthesia, which prevents you from feeling pain, mild oral or gas sedation makes your visits feel like they’re over in the blink of an eye. Not just routine checkups either — even complex, hours-long procedures will seem to zip by as if just minutes have passed.

Fast, safe, effective, and free from lasting side effects, sedation lets you enjoy all of the things you love about dentistry and avoid the things that you don’t.


Oral Sedation

Take a fast-acting oral sedative and feel your anxiety slip away.

  • Effective even if you have severe anxiety
  • Lets you receive more care in fewer appointments
  • Makes appointments feel almost dream-like
  • Allows you to sleep but be easily woken up

Gas Sedation

Breathe in, relax, and receive your treatment. It’s that simple.

  • Ideal for routine checkups
  • More accessibly priced
  • Easily works alongside other medication
  • Lets you stay fully conscious and aware
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Get a smile that feels great — and feel great while getting it.


Dental Anesthesia Made Easier

Is oral surgery part of your dental treatment? With Anutra and OraVerse®, Dr. Lawson makes it possible for you to receive powerful local anesthesia without the lasting numbness.

Anutra keeps you comfortable and pain-free even during long or complex treatments, while OraVerse® reverses the effects of the anesthetic as soon as your treatment is complete, so you won’t experience any awkwardness while smiling, speaking, or eating.

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How It Works

Ask about sedation

First time? We’ll make sure it’s right for you.

Receive your sedation

Your choice of gas or oral sedation.

Complete your treatment

The care you need, all in total comfort.

Resume your day

No lasting drowsiness or side-effects.
Dr. Jessica Lawson, DDS

Committed to Your Comfort

Visiting the dentist can be stressful. Dr. Lawson knows that, and sedation dentistry is her way of making sure you can always get the care you need — minus the stress.

As one of Urbandale and Des Moines’ leading wholistic dentists, it’s part of her commitment to creating a patient experience that’s better for every part of you, not just your smile.

Sedation Is Just The Start

Pair your sedation with complimentary spa-inspired add-ons for a wholly relaxing patient experience.

Wireless Headphones

Calming Weighted Blankets

Soothing Aromatherapy

TV & Movie Options

Warm Neck Wraps

Yummy Shakes

Seeing Is Believing —

What our clients say about us



4.8-star google reviews from happy customers

Common Sedation Dentistry Questions

You’ll still be conscious and aware during sedation, but you’ll feel completely relaxed. It’s common for patients to feel like time passes more quickly while they’re sedated.

Most likely yes. If you regularly take other over-the-counter or prescription medications, Dr. Lawson will be able to assess whether you’re a good candidate for dental sedation.

You certainly can. We’re able to reverse the effects of the anesthetic once your treatment is complete, letting you get back to your scheduled activities without lingering side effects.

Despite its proven benefits, most insurance companies see sedation as a luxury and aren’t willing to cover it. However, you may still be able to receive coverage for sedation if it can reduce the number of visits you require; if it’s necessary because of an existing medical condition; or if a procedure is long and complex enough that sedation becomes essential to keep you reasonably comfortable.

Each one serves a different purpose. Sedation is meant to help you relax during your visit regardless of the type of treatment you’re receiving. Anesthesia, by comparison, is meant to prevent you from feeling pain. It’s generally only used during invasive procedures, like wisdom tooth removal, which involve oral surgery.

Absolutely! Just be sure to let Dr. Lawson or your hygienist know before your treatment begins so the appropriate preparations can be made.

Ready for stress-free care?

Let sedation dentistry completely transform your patient experience.

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