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Dental Services in Urbandale, Iowa

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What can we do for your smile?

Restorative Dentistry

I have broken or missing teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

I’d like to change the look of my smile


I want a straighter smile

Pediatric Dentistry

I need a dentist who’s good with kids

Preventive Dentistry

I’d like to improve my oral health

Specialty Dentistry

I'm interested in holistic dental care

Need emergency dental care?

Call our office for urgent same-day treatment.

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Our Restorative Solutions

If you have missing or compromised teeth, restorative dentistry undoes the damage, helping you get back the smile you had – or get one that’s even better.

Dental Implants →

Dental Bridges →

Dentures →

Same-Day Crowns →

Root Canal Therapy →

Tooth Extraction →

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Our Cosmetic Solutions

It’s the best of your smile’s natural character, unveiled. Refine the size, shape, color, and visibility of a single tooth, several teeth, or your entire smile.

Trial Smile Design →

Porcelain Veneers →

Tooth-Colored Fillings →

Bonding & Contouring →

Botox →

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Our Orthodontic Solutions

Bring your smile’s health and esthetics into perfect alignment. Or choose a proactive solution and set your child up for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. Our orthodontic solutions include…

Clear Aligners →

Myofunctional Therapy →

Equilibration →

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Our Pediatric Solutions

Patience. A gentle touch. And an approach that shepherds your child towards a lifetime of great smiles, from that all-important first visit through every stage of their growth.

First Dental Visit →

Myofunctional Therapy →

Developmental Stages →

Kids’ Oral Health FAQs →

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Our Preventive Solutions

The easiest solution to a problem is to never face it at all. From gum disease| to mouth injuries, preventive dentistry keeps you a step ahead of oral health risks.

Periodontal Treatment →

Bruxism/TMJ Nightguards →

Athletic Mouthguards →

Oral DNA Testing →

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Our Specialty Solutions

For better comfort. For a good night’s rest. For complete mouth and body health. Because there’s more to dental care than just teeth.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea →

Integrative Dental Medicine →

Full-mouth Reconstruction →

Laser Dentistry →

Sedation Dentistry →

Having a beautiful smile and a healthy bite doesn’t have to be difficult.

Your smile may need a boost in its appearance, a tooth restoration, or a way to correct your bite equilibration. But by keeping a consistent schedule of good hygiene and preventive dental care, you can prevent most common dental issues, or treat them before they cause serious complications.

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Exceptional Oral Health Services

Maximum health. Minimally-invasive treatment. Dr. Lawson combines her years of clinical expertise and artistic talent with advanced dental technology and materials to provide durable, highly-lifelike results.

From cosmetic touch-ups and makeovers to customized, full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Lawson and her team have the skill and experience to provide the top-notch dental care you’re looking for.


Complete oral health. For less.

Explore our flexible payment options and see how you can make the care you want more accessible.
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