More About Wholistic Dentistry

She is concerned with your entire well-being from head to toe. Her mission of maximizing oral health while improving general medical health and emotional well-being is unrivaled in the Urbandale area. She would be honored to meet you and your loved ones and provide you all with the dental care you need and deserve, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, and general health.

Yes, there are dentists in Urbandale who care for your mouth, teeth, and gums, but Dr. Jessica Lawson, for many years now, has been known to be the dentist to care for your whole health—wholistic dentistry is saving lives—not just oral health. When you put your care in Dr. Lawson’s hands, you’ll see how much your dental health is connected to your physical health and your emotional well-being in no time at all.

Dr. Lawson and her amazing team truly enjoy explaining to patients how vital oral health is to their general health, and patient education is something she has always prided herself on providing on a daily basis.

Dr. Lawson’s long and illustrious career has been shaped by some of the greatest dentists in the United States, and she prides herself on continuing her education and training every chance she gets. From being schooled on the latest dental technology to learning about the latest dental techniques, she continually pushes herself to learn as much as possible to provide her patients with the latest and greatest dental care available today. Dr. Lawson never accepts mediocrity and is always looking for new and inventive ways to deliver superior dental care to her beloved patients.

Graduate of the Dawson Academy

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Lawson practices the Concept of Complete Dentistry, which emphasizes a comprehensive, individualized approach to a patient’s dental care, beginning with prevention and early intervention.

The comprehensive dentistry that Dr. Lawson practices requires an understanding of every structural part of your chewing system, including your jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and teeth. In the long run, this could save you from years of pain, suffering, and extensive costs for multiple and repeated dental work.

Analyzing the structural and functional factors in the chewing system is the basis for every new patient examination so that Dr. Lawson can properly diagnose and treat not only obvious problems but also those that haven’t even shown signs yet.

Comprehensive Care in Urbandale

From routine dental cleanings and exams to the very latest treatments for TMJ and sleep apnea, you can rest assured that Dr. Lawson has your best interests at heart as she works tirelessly to diagnose and treat what is causing your symptoms and your quality of life to be negatively impacted by symptoms that many medical professionals are baffled by and simply cannot treat.

Finding a dental office in the Des Moines area with a sole practitioner is rare, yet. Dr. Lawson does it all with an amazing team by her side every step of the way. If you’re looking for a dentist in Urbandale who will put your wholistic care at the top of her list of priorities, you’ve found that dentist in Dr. Jessica Lawson at Lawson Dentistry.

Please see for yourself what we profess here: this dentist is one of a kind. By transforming your smile from lackluster to stunning, Dr. Lawson and her team make you healthier, improve your daily function, and provide you with the beauty and confidence that has always been there but has been suppressed. Let Dr. Jessica Lawson bring out the inner beauty in you by providing you the smile and optimal oral health you’ve always wanted—the optimal oral health and wholistic well-being you deserve.

We Offer Our Patients What They Need in One Location

We deliver anything your smile wants and everything your health needs all in one place. Even more so, we deliver with compassion, patience, understanding, and on your terms. You tell us what your goal is, and we tell you how to get there. That’s why Dr. Jessica Lawson is one of the most sought-after dentists in the country when it comes to smile design and wholistic health.

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