We Want to Meet Your Family

Helping children grow accustomed to visiting the dentist is an essential part of their growth and development. Therefore, Dr. Lawson advises bringing children to the office shortly after their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. Pediatric visits make the dentist’s office more familiar to young children and allow Dr. Lawson to teach you the principles of caring for your children’s young smiles.

By the age of three, children should begin attending regular preventive visits at least once every six months, along with their parents. You don’t need to find a pediatric dentistry office in Urbandale when you have Dr. Jessica Lawson and her amazing team, who have received extensive training in providing unrivaled care to her younger patients.

First Visit—What to Expect

This is the getting-to-know-you appointment where information is gathered, x-rays may be taken, medical history will be discussed, current dental problems will be evaluated, and goals will be created. If treatment needs to be provided at the first visit, Dr. Lawson will explain what is necessary in understandable terms and with compassion and gentleness that will put your child at ease.

We offer a number of amenities to make your child feel safe and comfortable, and our main goal is to make our young patients see that going to the dentist is a good thing—not something to fear.

We will review our findings with Mom or Dad or whoever brought the little guy or gal in, and we will make sure all paperwork is complete, and consent is given before doing anything. We would love to have your little ones join our Lawson Dentistry family, so they will get the unrivaled dental care they need and deserve.

Dr. Lawson will discuss fluoride treatments, dental sealants, orthodontics, and anything else your child may need, but first and foremost, your child will be treated with TLC to establish a feeling of safety, comfort, and warmth.

Myofunctional Therapy

That term is not as scary as it sounds. Some children show signs of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD)—a condition that affects the muscles and function of the face and mouth. When caught early by an experienced children’s dentist like Dr. Lawson, OMD can be treated to prevent larger problems in the future.

Oral appliances like Myobrace® and HealthyStart® correct OMD issues, and they’re painless, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Dr. Lawson’s own children have even used these products with great success—that’s how much she believes in these revolutionary products to correct problems before they become serious enough to require much more extensive treatment in the future.

Let Lawson Dentistry Be Your Child’s First Dental Experience

If you’ve been dreading your child’s first dental visit, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re reading this, you simply have to call Lawson Dentistry at (515) 278-4366 to schedule your child’s new patient appointment.

If your child goes to a pediatric dentist in Urbandale and had a bad experience, you’ll struggle to ever get him/her back in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Lawson and her staff can’t wait to meet you and your child or children. Please fill out our online contact form, so we can reach out to answer your questions or get you scheduled.