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Restorative Dentistry in Urbandale & Des Moines, IA

Rejuvenating Dental Restorations

A consistent routine of preventive dental care and good hygiene can help you avoid most common dental issues, and cosmetic dentistry can offer conservative options for improving your smile. But when your oral health is threatened by tooth decay, tooth damage, or weakened, compromised tooth structure, you may require a personalized restorative dental treatment to fortify and protect your teeth. Like all of our treatment options, we customize every dental restoration to your specific needs and preferences to ensure optimal function, esthetics, and satisfaction with your treatment.

Stronger, Healthier, and Better Looking Teeth

The enamel that surrounds your teeth is the most resilient substance in your body, and one of the most resilient substances on earth. But it isn’t impervious, and over time, your teeth can grow weak, wear down, develop cavities, and be compromised in other ways. Restorative dentistry offers a variety of methods for restoring and strengthening teeth so they can continue to function without suffering further damage.

Our customized dental restorations include:

Damage or infection in a tooth will grow worse the longer it is left untreated. To avoid serious oral health complications and avoid the need for tooth extraction, speak with Dr. Lawson about your restorative dental options by calling our office in Urbandale, IA, today at 515-278-4366.

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