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Do Dental Implants Lift your Face?

Older Woman GlassesFortunately, good preventive dental care means that more Americans than ever are keeping their natural teeth for their entire lives. That said, severe gum disease (periodontitis) is the number one cause of adult tooth loss, so there are still many people who are not subscribing to prevention. Permanent tooth loss is embarrassing and can affect almost every aspect of your life, socially, emotionally, and physically. Patients who are missing teeth often consult with Urbandale dentist, Dr. Jessica Lawson, for dental implant dentures.

Innovation in Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are like the best of all tooth replacement worlds. Complete or partial dentures are fastened to dental implants which serve as new tooth roots. Using four or more dental implants as an anchor, dentures are comprised of natural looking porcelain and acrylic. The titanium rods are implanted through your gums and into your jawbone for unprecedented stability. With dental implants, you can chew through all of your favorite culinary treats and smile with confidence without fear of slipping.

Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

Do you want to look younger without plastic surgery? One way is dental implant dentures. They can improve your smile with a virtual face lift by replacing the vertical height that went away when your natural teeth were lost. (This is not to say that they will make existing wrinkles disappear). Implant dentures provide this lift, and also prevent you from transitioning into a sunken-in facial structure often seen in traditional denture patients. Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy even after tooth loss. Jawbone deterioration is unfortunately a common side effect of adult tooth loss. Without consistent chewing stimulation and a steady flow of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, you will have jawbone density diminishment as the years pass. Dental implants provide the same beacon to the rest of your body that natural tooth roots offer, so your jaw will remain full and your cheeks won’t collapse with an aged look.

Dental Implants from Lawson Family Dentistry

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