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Sleep Dentistry FAQs

How does a sleep appliance work?

A custom sleep appliance is designed to position your lower comfortably and slightly forward. This helps keep your airway open and prevent oral and throat tissues from interrupting your breathing while you sleep.

Is it comfortable to sleep with?

Every sleep appliance is custom-designed to fit the unique size and shape of a patient’s dental ridges. For many patients, the appliance works as a much more comfortable alternative to the more cumbersome CPAP machine, which requires that you wear a mask and keep an air compression machine on throughout the night.

What if I need dental work?

If you have a cavity, a damaged tooth, or other issue that requires dental work, then your dentist will restore your smile before designing your oral appliance. The appliance will be made according your smile’s most recent measurements so that they don’t interfere with or compromise your tooth’s restoration.

Will my dental or medical insurance cover my appliance?

At our office, we accept Medicare and work with other carriers to accept GAP insurance to help ensure that you recieve the sleep apnea treatment you need at affordable costs.

Why is a sleep test necessary before I get an appliance?

Before receiving sleep apnea treatment, you must first be accurately diagnosed with sleep apnea. A sleep test not only determines if you need treatment, but also the severity of your sleep apnea to ensure that an oral appliance will be an appropriate treatment. In some cases, a CPAP machine may be necessary to effectively treat the sleep disorder.

What other kinds of sleep disorders are there?

Sleep apnea is only one of several common kinds of sleep disordered breathing. Others may include pediatric sleep issues, such as mouth breathing and abnormalities in the palate.

The more you know about sleep apnea treatment, the better prepared you’ll be to seek help to get the rest you deserve. To schedule a consultation or sleep study, call Lawson Family Dentistry in Urbandale, IA, today at 515-278-4366.


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