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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Urbandale, IA

Stop sleep apnea at the source with AADSM-qualified sleep apnea treatment from Dr. Jessica Lawson.

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Always feeling tired in the morning?

Constant fatigue, crankiness, bad breath — they’re all tied to the type of low-quality sleep that sleep apnea causes.

Dr. Lawson helps you achieve better sleep. From monitoring for sleep apnea to using custom-fitted sleep appliances to gently realign your mouth and jaws, your body will get the steady flow of oxygen it needs to stay healthy and reach deep, restful slumber.

You’ll feel better, think more clearly, and have the energy to get more out of every single day.

Our Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

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TAP® Appliances

Comfortable and just as effective as CPAP for 87% of patients.

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Panthera Sleep® Devices

The smallest, most versatile sleep apnea appliances available.

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Myobrace® & ‎HealthyStart®

Delivering healthier sleep and better smiles, they’re ideal for kids.

Have questions? Don’t sleep on them — get expert answers instead.

At-Home Sleep Apnea Monitoring

We offer at-home sleep monitoring that assesses your risk of sleep apnea right from the comfort of your own bed. It uses multiple precise biosensors to track your oxygen levels, breathing rate, and breathing effort as you sleep.

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Assess With Confidence

Assessment results are only as reliable as the device collecting them — and we’ve invested in proven BRAEBON™ monitoring devices that have shown they accurately support sleep apnea diagnosis time and time again.

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How It Works


We’ll speak with you and assess if sleep monitoring is needed.

Sleep Monitoring

We’ll provide you with a sleep monitoring device to track your breathing.


We’ll assess your results and may recommend you for a full clinical test.


We’ll provide you with a custom-fitted appliance to help you sleep better.
Dr. Jessica Lawson, DDS

Qualified by America’s Sleep Experts

Dr. Lawson’s knowledge of sleep apnea is comprehensive — and it’s been recognized with a Qualified Dentist designation from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM).

Along with her 12+ years of sleep apnea treatment experience, it’s why more people in Urbandale and Des Moines trust her to help them get a good night’s rest.

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Seeing Is Believing —

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Comfort Through Precision

Anything you wear regularly should be comfortable, and sleep apnea appliances are no exception.

Our 3Shape TRIOS® Digital Scanner lets us create digital models that are incredibly accurate, so we can create real-life sleep apnea appliances that are incredibly comfortable.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Basics

Some people prefer to speak with their primary care physician first, but you don’t need a referral to book a sleep apnea consultation with us.

In most cases, people with sleep apnea can be treated using either a sleep apnea appliance or a special breathing apparatus called a CPAP machine. In rare cases, treatment involves surgery.

At-home sleep apnea monitoring doesn’t collect as much data as a lab test, but is still effective (up to 91%) at accurately identifying sleep apnea while also being significantly more affordable.

In many cases, insurance covers some or even all costs related to sleep apnea. If you’re thinking of exploring sleep apnea treatment, you’ll want to talk to your insurance provider to see what coverage you’re eligible for.

Put sleep apnea to bed for good.

Wake up to quality sleep and better health with Dr. Jessica Lawson.

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