Lisa came to Lawson Dentistry with concerns about her prematurely aged and shortened teeth, which were a result of sleep apnea-associated GI issues and grinding. Displeased with her smile, Lisa felt it made her look older than her age, affecting her self-confidence.

Our Urbandale cosmetic dentist embarked on a journey to restore Lisa’s smile, focusing on her cosmetic six anterior upper teeth. The aim was to achieve a more youthful appearance and improved function. The treatment involved a unique approach, allowing Lisa to preview her new smile. This was made possible through a digital scan and a smile try-in, overlaying a digital model of the proposed enhancements over her existing teeth.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance Lisa’s treatment experience and results. This technology included:

  1. Digital Scanner for Veneer Preparations: Avoiding traditional impressions, a digital scanner was used for precise and comfortable veneer preparations. This technology ensured a gag-free experience and a perfect fit for the veneers.
  2. 3-D Printed Custom-Made Sleep and Snoring Appliance: We provided Lisa with a lightweight, custom-made nylon sleep and snoring appliance. This appliance was comfortable and significantly improved her snoring issues, a change even her long-time friends noticed.
up close image of patient's smile after treatment
up close image of patient's smile before treatment

The outcome was nothing short of transformative. Lisa’s smile was beautifully restored, reflecting a youthful and vibrant appearance. Beyond aesthetics, the functional improvements were significant, contributing to better oral and overall health.

“Seeing Lisa smile confidently and display her teeth, which she had hidden for so long, was deeply moving. Our favorite part of this journey was handing her the mirror at the end and watching her reaction – it brought tears to our eyes.”

Lisa shared her excitement and satisfaction on Google, even posting before-and-after photos. She expressed immense joy in the remarkable change in her appearance and improved quality of life.

At Lawson Dentistry, we believe in not just treating teeth but transforming lives. Lisa’s story is a testament to the power of advanced dental care combined with a personalized approach. We are committed to providing such life-changing experiences to all our patients.