Christine’s Story

A loving wife and mother, Christine had long been unhappy with her smile. Despite her natural beauty, she avoided photos due to the crookedness, overlapping, and posterior crossbite of her teeth. Additionally, early childhood antibiotic staining left her dissatisfied with their shade. Although she experienced no discomfort, her goal was to achieve a more attractive and confident smile. Luckily, she reached out to Dr. Lawson and the experts at Lawson Dentistry, who helped give her smile the appearance she’d always wanted.

Urbandale dentist, Dr. Jessica Lawson

Advanced Treatment Plan

Christine’s treatment journey was multifaceted, employing several key technologies to efficiently and effectively improve her smile’s appearance. The process began by utilizing clear aligners to correct the alignment of her teeth. To further enhance her smile, Dr. Lawson used a combination of scanning techniques and injectable composites to guarantee that the treatment was precise and effective. 

Key technologies in Christine’s treatment included SureSmile, which facilitated quicker and more efficient tooth alignment, and the intraoral scanner, which provided accurate digital impressions for customized treatment. Bioclear was used to enhance the appearance of her teeth with minimally invasive techniques. In addition, custom whitening trays were created, and Christine’s whitening process was jumpstarted in the office before her family vacation to Hawaii.



Astounding Results

The outcome of Christine’s treatment was transformative. She is now ready for senior year photos with her son and family, proudly displaying her new, beautiful smile. Her bite has also improved, reducing the risk of breaking teeth and developing TMJ issues. Christine shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I am so glad I did it; THANK YOU!”

Dr. Lawson emphasized the approach taken for Christine’s treatment: “With cosmetic dentistry, a little bit goes a long way! I always try to shoot for the most conservative options when moving teeth, improving the shade or size of teeth, or correcting gummy smiles. Usually, this involves orthodontics, safe and inexpensive whitening, and bonding of some sort. It is life-changing!”

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Christine’s story is a testament to the impact of modern dental technology and expertise. Her journey from dissatisfaction to confidence is an inspiring reminder of the life-changing power of a beautiful smile.

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