Center for Kids’ Dental Health!

At Lawson Family Dentistry, we love working with children, and we strongly believe in helping children develop good dental habits as early as possible. Through excellent, compassionate care and fun education, we give children the tools they need to maintain beautiful, healthy smiles well into adulthood!

We’re also offering myofunctional care for children as young as age three. As the video below illustrates, problems with airway obstruction and malocclusion can lead to sleep issues and behavioral difficulties. Fortunately, using custom-made oral appliances, such as the Myobrace®, guides the growth of the jaw and oral structures, helping children enjoy uninterrupted sleep, better quality of life, and a reduced risk of sleep apnea later in life.

Knowledge is power, so feel free to browse through our informative pages below about children’s dentistry and oral health care!

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