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Bruxism/TMJ Nightguards

Custom-Made Bruxism and TMJ Nightguards

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth often, or if you do so constantly in your sleep, then you may suffer from bruxism. Because it’s often subconscious, and especially because it happens more often at night, bruxism isn’t always easy to detect, but its consequences can be prominent. Aside from excessive wear and damage to your teeth, consistent grinding can also damage your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which are your jaw joints, leading to TMJ disorder. Your TMJs control the movement of your jaw, and when distressed, the resulting pain can include chronic jaw aches, headaches, migraines, and more. If you suffer from bruxism and/or TMJ disorder, then Dr. Lawson may be able to personally design a nightguard to protect your teeth and jaw joints from damage. Botox could also be administered to ease strain in your jaw joints and facial muscles. In addition, if you clench or grind at night and the muscles in your face hurt the next morning then you also be experiencing sleep disorder breathing, which can mean airway issues. Fortunately, we can address this with sleep apnea treatment.


Orofacial Pain Relief

The discomfort caused by bruxism and TMJ disorder is usually related to your bite, and aside from orofacial pain, you might also experience increasing difficulty opening and closing your jaw. Popping and clicking noises are also common signs of TMJ disorder, as well as chronic pain and ringing in one or both ears (also known as tinnitus).

However, bruxism can also be related to airway issues and sleep apnea. A breathing issue related to sleep apnea can also mean a patient has GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). With a focus on integrative dental medicine, we can pinpoint the factors behind your bruxism and offer the most appropriate treatment option before additional complications arise. We can even work closely with specialists along the way!

If you suffer from bruxism or TMJ disorder, find lasting relief with a custom-designed nightguard. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawson by calling our dental office in Urbandale, IA, today at 515-278-4366.

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