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Botox Injections in Urbandale & Des Moines, IA

Wake up free from jaw or teeth pain, sleep better, and look years younger. Enhance your health and beauty with Botox from Dr. Jessica Lawson.

  • Applied by an AAFE & AACD-certified dentist
  • Effective pain relief and esthetic improvement
  • Long-lasting benefits for up to 6 months
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AAFE-certified Botox treatment.

Certified by the American Association of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Lawson uses Botox to let you feel healthy, confident, and pain-free every day.

From poor sleep quality to chronic migraines and jaw pain, Botox can be used to treat some of your most persistent health challenges, improving your daily health and bringing you legitimately life-changing relief.

It can help you feel better sooner and potentially avoid spending thousands of dollars on other medication and treatments.

How Botox Supports Your Smile

TMJ Pain Prevention

Migraine and Headache Relief

Improved Breathing During Sleep

Protection From Tooth Grinding

Less Visible Gums When Smiling

Easier Adjustment to Wearing Dentures

Lower Muscle Tension During Orthodontics

Wrinkle Reduction After Cosmetic Care

A little bit goes a long way.

It doesn’t take thousands or even hundreds of dollars for Botox to make a difference. For just $78-worth of Botox, we helped this bride-to-be get the natural-looking, gum-free smile she wanted — and the perfect wedding day she’d always dreamed of.

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You can still enjoy the esthetic benefits, too.

Pairing AAFE-certification with years of experience as an oral healthcare professional, Dr. Lawson helps your smile look just as good as it feels.

It’s the best of both dentistry and esthetics. You get the confidence boost of a noticeably younger appearance, safer treatment compared to fillers or fat removal, and 100% certainty that it’s all safe for your long-term oral health.

  • Hide Brow & Forehead Lines
  • Smooth Out Wrinkles and Neck Lines
  • Minimize Frown Lines and Nose Wrinkles
  • Reduce Chin Indents
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For wrinkles, pain relief, or both. See what Botox can do for you.


Botox fits with your routine checkups.

With its long-lasting benefits, Botox fits right into your oral healthcare routine.

Botox treatment typically lasts for around 6 months, so it lines up perfectly with your routine checkups. You can take care of everything at the same time, no extra appointments needed.

Dr. Jessica Lawson, DDS

An expert in beauty and health.

Beauty and health aren’t just skin deep. They’re intertwined parts of your body as a whole, from the way you smile to the quality of your sleep.

Dr. Lawson treats them that way, using her 15+ years of clinical experience and certifications from the AAFE and AACD to administer Botox in a way that serves both your appearance and your long-term health.

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All the comfort you expect from a medi-spa.

At Lawson Family Dentistry, you’ll never miss the feeling of “mmm, that’s perfect” with our spa-inspired add-ons.

Wireless Headphones

Calming Weighted Blankets

Soothing Aromatherapy

TV & Movie Options

Warm Neck Wraps

Yummy Shakes

Seeing Is Believing —

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Have questions about Botox injectables?

Since Botox is used for health and beauty purposes, it really depends on what your goal is. Sometimes just a small amount of Botox is enough to make a big difference — Dr. Lawson will be able to explain how much you’ll need and what results you can expect during your initial consultation.

In general, Botox costs around $10 to $25 per unit in the Urbandale and Des Moines areas. If you’re on a budget, we’d certainly encourage you to register your email to find out about our Botox and cosmetic dentistry promotions — we don’t run them all the time, but you can get great value when we do!

As long as you’re 18 (the minimum age set by the FDA) or older, there’s really no “right” age to receive Botox.

It can effectively improve your oral health during your twenties, and it’s become a popular option for people in their late 20s and early 30s.

When it’s safely applied, studies have shown that Botox is safe, even when it’s regularly used over a long period of time.

In the short term, it’s normal to notice some tenderness, bruising, or swelling around the area where you’ve received the injectable. These side effects will quickly wear off within a few days.

Look younger. Feel better.

It only takes minutes to get Botox — but you’ll enjoy the benefits for months.

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