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How Do You Place Porcelain Veneers?

We have a cosmetic restoration known as porcelain veneers, which we can use to completely change the appearance of your teeth. How do we place these custom-made restorations? What actions should a patient take to ensure they provide many years of lifelike smile improvement?

Do You Have Teeth Whitening Questions?

Have you always wanted a brighter smile? People often feel more confident about their smile after removing teeth stains. Fortunately, we can help facilitate this with professional teeth whitening. In today’s blog, we’re going to answer a few common questions about our teeth whitening procedures.

We Can Straighten Smiles Without Metal Braces!

Many people assume that metal braces are the only option for correcting crooked or crowded teeth. Fortunately, we can dispel this with our MTM® clear aligners. Using a series of clear plastic aligners, we can correct misalignment and help you enjoy a more attractive smile.

Can One Treatment Transform My Smile’s Appearance?

Looking for a way to completely alter the appearance of your smile without relying on multiple procedures or visits? What if we could change your smile’s appearance in as little as two visits with one treatment option? We can use porcelain veneers to improve your smile’s appearance.

How Do You Erase Teeth Stains?

No one enjoys having discoloration. We understand and don’t want you to continue hiding your smile in pictures or trying not to laugh out loud when hanging out with friends. Instead, why not address the problem? Our cosmetic treatments, including professional teeth whitening, can help erase teeth stains.

Can You Straighten My Smile?

Do you have teeth that overlap crowd, or are simply crooked? Misalignment can do more than just have a negative impact in your smile’s appearance. Over time, poor alignment can lead to problems with the health of your smile. What can we do to straighten your smile?

How Do Teeth Become Stained?

After a while, our teeth often develop stains. Discoloration can have a negative impact on our smile’s appearance and make us feel less confident, especially when meeting someone new or going to a job interview. Fortunately, we can help you understand the factors that lead to teeth stains and have procedures to help you enjoy… Read more »

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

How do you feel about your smile? We often meet patients with discoloration, which can lead to embarrassment about a smile’s appearance. In order to remove or mask these stains, we may suggest a cosmetic procedure, such as teeth whitening. Should you whiten your teeth? If so, how often should a person undergo teeth whitening?

Ready To Try MTM® Aligners?

Did you know we can correct misalignment without the use of metal braces? For clear adult braces we can recommend the Minor Tooth Movement system, also known as MTM®. With these aligners we can repair your alignment issues in a matter of months instead of years. Ready to try MTM® Aligners?

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you see your smile in photos or in the mirror, how do you feel? If you have problems with your smile’s esthetics, don’t worry we can help! We know just how important a gorgeous smile can be, and we want to help you enjoy a healthy and stunning smile for years to come. Do… Read more »