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How Do Veneers Address Dental Misalignment?

If you have uneven teeth, you may feel uncomfortable showing the world your smile. You may also feel uncomfortable with the idea of metal braces or other common orthodontic solutions. But what if we could correct the appearance of misalignment in Waukee, IA, with lifelike porcelain veneers instead of braces?

Do You Have Cosmetic Solution To Tooth Loss?

Losing one or several natural teeth will have major impacts on the health and appearance of your smile, and none of them will be positive. However, we often talk to patients in Grimes, IA, that worry our tooth replacement options won’t blend with their smile. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about our cosmetic… Read more »

What Makes Veneers So Lifelike?

In our array of cosmetic treatments is one option that offers our Urbandale, IA, patients total smile transformation: porcelain veneers. With durability and a natural appearance, they’re the perfect choice for a smile makeover. But what makes veneers so lifelike?

How Do Veneers Correct Misalignment Without Braces?

If you have issues with the alignment of your teeth, then the overall health of your smile can suffer. In addition to problems with your smile’s appearance, misalignment also poses a greater risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. However, did you know that we can often correct the appearance of smiles in… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Placing Veneers?

We create and place porcelain veneers to address a number of different cosmetic issues that impact the shape and color of the teeth. But how do we place these lifelike restorations? What issues can they address and are they the right choice for smiles in Grimes, IA?

Can You Straighten Teeth Without Orthodontics?

For patients with crooked or crowded teeth, metal braces may seem like the only option available. However, we can often use cosmetic treatments to correct uneven smiles without the use of metal braces. Would you like to find out more about straightening teeth in Urbandale, IA without orthodontics?

What Benefits Do Porcelain Veneers Offer?

If you have stained, misshapen, or damaged teeth, then you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry. We can use porcelain veneers to completely transform the appearance of your smile, even addressing minor misalignment!

Can You Straighten Uneven Smiles in Six Months?

If you need braces for uneven teeth, then you may assume metal braces are your only option. While they can offer a solution to misalignment, we have a practically invisible alternative to metal braces that can offer a faster route to even smiles. Can we straighten your smile in a matter of months with the… Read more »

What Is Gum Contouring?

We offer our patients a wide array of cosmetic treatments, designed to repair teeth and improve the esthetics of your smile. But what about the gums? Often, issues with your gingival tissue can impact the beauty of your smile Fortunately, we can address these issues with gum contouring.

Will MTM® Clear Aligners Fix My Uneven Smile?

Do you have an uneven smile? Did you at one time wear braces, but your teeth have since shifted? Then we can help! We have an orthodontic treatment option that can correct minor misalignment, often in as little as three to six months. Are MTM® Clear Aligners right for your uneven smile?