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Children’s Dentistry FAQs Answered by Urbandale Dentists

We love working with our child patients at Lawson Family Dentistry, your Urbandale children’s dentists. As moms, Dr. Jessica Lawson and Dr. Georgianne Nelson both understand how scary those first dental appointments can be, for kids and parents alike. That’s why we focus on friendly, kind, compassionate, and gentle care to our littlest patients. Children… Read more »

Urbandale Dentist Welcomes New “Little Member” to our Team

Our wonderful dental hygienist, Shardae Nelson, had a beautiful and healthy baby girl!! We are thrilled to introduce the newest “little member” to our Lawson Family Dentistry team: Hali Nicole Nelsen Born March 11th, 2013 at 2:38a.m. to Shardae and Tyler Nelsen 7lbs 6.8oz and 21 inches What a cutie!     Remember, if you… Read more »

Brushing the Teeth of Young Children from Your Urbandale Dentist

There’s no guarantee against cavities, but instilling good oral hygiene habits in your children is a good plan. In fact, dentists urge parents to begin introducing their children to regular oral hygiene practices even before their first tooth erupts. Once teething begins, brushing your child’s teeth twice a day should be as high on your… Read more »

Urbandale Dentist Wishes You a Happy Halloween

Today is National Candy Corn day, and tomorrow night is an exciting one for many American families. Since roughly 600 million pounds of Halloween candy are purchased every year, Halloween can be a big night for dentists, as well as kids. While an occasional sweet treat is just fine in moderation, common sense tells us… Read more »

Urbandale Dentist Urges You to Protect Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

Why Wear Mouthguards? Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Even with just a few days left, it’s never too late to protect your health and your family. As you are preparing for summer soccer leagues, football camps, and baseball this year, consider this, almost half of all sports injuries occur to the… Read more »

Sesame Street Turns Attention to Children’s Dental Care

Childhood Cavities Are Becoming an Epidemic If anyone understands how to inspire children with education, it’s Sesame Street. Recently, this children’s educational show has started an initiative to address a growing children’s epidemic. One of the most common health conditions suffered by children today is dental caries, or tooth decay. In fact, as many as… Read more »