Sleep Disordered Breathing, A New Epidemic

Do you or your children suffer from poor quality sleep? Always feel tired? Chronic pain? Inflammatory disorders? Chronic headaches or TMJ disorders? Mood or behavior disorders? Do you think you have a picky eater? Have your weight loss and exercise goals plateaued despite dieting and exercise?

Many young children and adults suffer from sleep arousals and poor respiration and don’t even know it. Sleep disordered breathing, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, and Sleep Apnea are being diagnosed in our communities at an alarming rate — and they are affecting our families and communities.

Environmental and food allergies lead to mouth-breathing, causing enlarged tonsils and adenoids and chronic illness (including cavities). Incorrect swallow patterns due to bottles, pacifiers, thumbs and fingers have led to incorrect growth patterns in the head, neck, jaws and TMJoints (including poor orthodontic situations and bites), resulting in malnourished children with inadequate growth. Inflammation in the system leads to bedwetting, ear infections, orofacial pain, and poor quality sleep, eventually causing behavior disorders and attention issues…sound familiar in your children or a loved one?

Many of these symptoms also present in adults, especially in young and middle-aged women in the form of chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Many young women suffer from chronic AM headaches or migraines, body-wide inflammation and an inability to stabilize hormones and mood. TMJoint disorders are over 50% higher in the female population.

Men may also present with these symptoms and may struggle to lose weight or control cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other systemic conditions, if there is an underlying breathing disorder. Many cancers would be more responsive if our healthy cells were gaining oxygen and multiplying as fast as the cancer cells.

All humans need restful sleep, especially restorative sleep that generates growth hormone and allows for the reparative process to occur after injury.

If any of the above resonates with you, call us at 515-278-4366. If you are looking for an improvement in your quality of life or that of a loved one, we would love to help. At Lawson Family Dentistry, we offer home sleep tests to screen for these disorders and disease processes. We work with a team of medical experts to get you properly treated with nutritional guidance and offer sleep appliances for patients as young as 3! Dr. Lawson is also certified to treat TMD and to use Botox Therapeutic for orofacial pain. Start living the very best you now! Give your child the chance to thrive!

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