A Cosmetic Solution To Misalignment

If someone were to ask what your options are for addressing your misalignment, you may respond with “braces.” Well, the truth is that metal braces are no longer the only option for enjoying a more even and beautiful smile. In fact, we have cosmetic alternatives that don’t have an impact on your appearance the way metal orthodontics would. Let’s look at the cosmetic solutions to misalignment we provide patients in Urbandale, IA.

The ClearCorrect™ System

With ClearCorrect™ we use a series of aligners made from a clear plastic material. For two weeks, a patient wears one set before moving on to the next one. Over the course of a year to 18 months, the alignment of the smile is gently repositioned using these aligners. Patients have the ability to remove them before meals, prior to brushing and flossing, or before special occasion. Each set is custom-made to ensure a comfortable fit, as well as accuracy and precision in the treatment process. For more minor cases, we also have MTM® aligners. These work like ClearCorrect™, with optimal results only taking between three and six months to achieve. For those with issues related to sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing, we have Myobrace® oral appliances as well.

Porcelain Veneers

Often used as a cosmetic solution to teeth stains or misshapen/damaged teeth, veneers are thin shells of porcelain created to cover the front and sides of the teeth. Once in place, they completely transform a tooth’s appearance and will often be prescribed to help make over a smile. But did you know these custom and lifelike restorations also help address misalignment? When placed, we can use a series of veneers to alter the appearance of your uneven smile, masking misalignment and offering a more attractive smile in just two visits.

Don’t Ignore Your Uneven Smiles

Remember, misalignment often provides hiding places for bits of food to become trapped, places that may be difficult to remove with brushing and flossing. As a result, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease may increase. Uneven teeth also place pressure on the jaw joints, increasing the risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism, both causes of damaged smiles, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Don’t let your uneven smile impact your oral health, talk to our team about possible solutions. If you have any questions then please let us know or schedule a consultation today.

Do You Have An Uneven Smile?

Dr. Lawson and our team want to help you enjoy a more even and healthy smile. To learn more about our clear and esthetically-pleasing orthodontic solutions, schedule a consultation by calling our dentistry office in Urbandale, IA, at 515-278-4366. We also serve residents of Waukee, Grimes, Johnston, and Clive, IA.