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Dr. Lawson Wants To Offer Your Children A HealthyStart™

Dr. Lawson and her Urbandale, IA, team have recently become HealthyStart™ providers, which means they can provide a unique treatment to address sleep disordered breathing and other disorders that impact a child’s ability to sleep. Studies show over 40 million children suffer from problems sleeping, problems that could be addressed with a comfortable HealthyStart™ appliance.

Signs Children Need Treatment

If a child experiences trouble breathing due to obstruction, then he or she may wake frequently in the night, gasp and snore while sleeping, have trouble going to bed or waking up, and may feel irritable and sleepy during the day. Some may develop teeth grinding, misalignment, and be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, experiencing difficulty focusing on tasks at school due to lack of sleep.

If one or more of these possible warning signs applies to your little one, let us know! We will examine your child’s throat, mouth, and airways, looking for signs of crowded or crooked teeth, tongue thrusting, and airway obstruction caused by the development of the jaw and oral tissues. If necessary, we may then prescribe a HealthyStart™ appliance.

HealthyStart™ Appliances

For children as young as three, the device helps correct the root causes of breathing issues, adjusting the growth and development of the jaw and oral structures. In addition to opening airways and allowing unencumbered breathing at night, correcting the issue also decreases the risk of misalignment and sleep apnea later in life. The custom-made appliance will be made from a BPA and silicone/latex-free material. Approved by the FDA, the appliance then comfortably corrects the underlying causes of your child’s breathing issues. If you have any questions about treating obstruction, or if you think your child could benefit from a diagnosis, then please contact our team today. We want to help team rest easier and enjoy a better quality of life!

Do Your Children Need a HealthyStart™  

Dr. Lawson and our team want to help your child sleep without difficulties due to airway obstruction. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling our dentistry office in Urbandale, IA, at 515-278-4366. We also serve residents of Waukee, Grimes, Johnston, and Clive, IA.


Do You Have An Uneven Smile?

Dr. Lawson and our team want to help you enjoy a more even and healthy smile. To learn more about our clear and esthetically-pleasing orthodontic solutions, schedule a consultation by:

calling our dentistry office in Urbandale, IA, at 515-278-4366.

We also serve residents of Waukee, Grimes, Johnston, and Clive, IA.

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