How Veneers Can Address Uneven Smiles In Two Visits

We often use cosmetic veneers to address a number of different esthetic issues. But did you know these lifelike restorations could also help correct misalignment? In today’s blog, we’re talking about how our porcelain veneers offer a unique solution to misalignment for our Urbandale, IA, patients.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is a special restoration we use to address multiple cosmetic concerns. The restoration is incredibly thin and created using porcelain, a strong material that contains stain-resistant properties. They cover the front and sides of the tooth, allowing us to completely alter a smile’s appearance using them.

Creating and Placing Them

We custom-make each one for our patients. We begin by removing the outer layer of enamel, making room for them. We take detailed impression of the prepared teeth, which will be used to design and fabricate the restorations. Once we complete the thin restoration, we check the fit and make any necessary adjustments. A powerful bonding agent attaches them to the tooth. Once in place, maintaining routine daily care helps keep them strong and bright.

Correcting Misalignment

When we place them, they often help correct the appearance of minor misalignment, which provides a cosmetic alternative to braces for improving a smile’s appearance. In addition, we’ve used them to mask the permanent teeth stains that may not respond to teeth whitening, and also fix chipped, misshapen, or worn-down teeth. For a more cost-effective smile makeover, we may combine them with dental bonding. We may also suggest a teeth whitening treatment before we create then, ensuring they are designed to match your brightest possible smile. If you have any questions about correcting misalignment, or about our lifelike cosmetic restorations, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Porcelain Veneers?  

Dr. Lawson and our team will help transform your smile with professional cosmetic care. To learn more about porcelain restorations and our other cosmetic treatment options, schedule a consultation by calling our dentistry office in Urbandale, IA, at 515-278-4366. We also serve residents of Waukee, Grimes, Johnston, and Clive, IA.