Can You Support Bridges With Dental Implants?

Even minor tooth loss often means poorer oral health, as well as a host of other issues with your smile’s appearance and function. In order to provide our Johnston, IA, patients with a strong and long -lasting solution to tooth loss, we provide implant-secured prosthetics, such as dental bridges.

Do Bridges Look Natural?

Yes! We take care to ensure a patient’s tooth replacements look natural and blend with the smile’s appearance, as well as the overall facial structure. To ensure this, we take detailed impressions of the smile, which will be used by expert ceramists to design the bridge. The pontics (replacement teeth) will be crafted using lifelike materials, such as ceramic or zirconia. In some cases, we may employ E4D technology to create crowns and other aspects of a prosthetic in a single visit.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

A traditional bridge consists of the pontics, but also contain crowns on either end. We then prepare the teeth on each side of the gap, removing tooth structure to make room for the crowns. However, with dental implants we secure the new teeth without the use of crowns and thus preserve more of the natural tooth structure. The dental implants act a new tooth roots, staying firmly in place and stimulating the growth of jawbone tissue in the process. The implant bridge then has the ability to last much longer than a traditional one.

Don’t Ignore Tooth Loss!

If you have between one and three missing teeth, then an implant-secured bridge may be the best choice for your smile. Remember, without replacement tooth loss may lead to an older appearance or further tooth loss due to the deterioration of the jawbone tissue. In addition, the gap may make speaking clearly and eating difficult. Patients may also develop misalignment, causing further negative impacts to the smile’s health and appearance. Fortunately, addressing your tooth loss helps avoid these serious complications.

Do You Have Questions About Addressing Tooth Loss?

Dr. Lawson and our team help replace missing teeth with lifelike and long-lasting dental prosthetics. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling our dentistry office in Urbandale, IA, at 515-278-4366.


Do You Have An Uneven Smile?

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