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Fixed Vs. Removable Dentures

lawson removable fixed denturesFor patients with multiple missing teeth, full or partial prosthetics are often necessary to restore their ability to eat and speak without difficulty. We have two different forms available, removable and fixed dentures. What’s the difference and which one will be right for your smile?

Removable Dentures

If you need a partial, then you have advanced tooth loss but not enough to warrant a complete denture. The removable prosthetic will consist of the new teeth, also known as pontics, and a base that mimics the appearance of gum tissue. Metal clasps will attach to the natural teeth and anchor the new ones firmly in place. The removable version of a full denture includes an acrylic base that looks like natural gum tissue, and a full row of lifelike teeth created from porcelain or zirconia. Natural suction will hold the teeth in place, or possibly the assistance of a special adhesive. Our partials and complete dentures will be custom-made based on detailed impressions we take of your smile. They can typically last between five and ten years before requiring replacement.

Fixed Dentures

With fixed dentures, we don’t rely on metal clasps or natural suction. Instead, we insert multiple dental implants into each arch. After the area heals and the implants and jawbone tissue bond, a process known as osseointegration, we attach the denture. Again, the prosthetic will be custom-made based on impressions taken of your smile. The prosthetic is then connected to the dental implants and fixed in place. You won’t need to remove them for cleaning and they will never slip during meals or speech. In addition, since they stimulate the growth of jawbone tissue, the prosthetic can last much longer than a removable denture. If you have any questions about either prosthetic option, or if you’re worried about the gaps in your smile, then contact our team today. Replacing your missing teeth can improve your smile and your overall quality of life.

Do You Have Advanced Tooth Loss?

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