Ready For Same Day Crowns?

When a patient comes to us with a decayed or damaged tooth, we may recommend a restoration to return the tooth to full function and health. In the past, placing a dental crown would mean needing two to three visits to complete the restoration. Now, we can place same day crowns!

When Do You Prescribe a Crown?

We may recommend one to repair a tooth that has become seriously broken or fractured. They can also be used to repair infected teeth or teeth with decay too severe for a filling to correct. We’ve placed them to reshape malformed teeth or to aid in tooth replacement, anchoring a dental bridge in place or restoring a dental implant. As you can see, a dental crown serves a number of cosmetic and restorative purposes.

Placing Them in the Same Day

We begin by removing a small amount of tooth structure to make room for the restoration. We then take detailed digital impressions with an intraoral camera. The impressions will be used to design the restoration. The 3D model we create will be uploaded into the E4D machine, which then creates the crown from ceramic, a strong and natural looking material. We will check the fit and if necessary, make further adjustments. Finally, we place it using a powerful bonding agent, all in the same visit. No need for multiple appointments, no need for a temporary.

Will They Look Natural?

Yes, the ceramic we use is durable and stain-resistant. In addition, the material can also be color-matched to ensure the completed crown will blend seamlessly with your smile. We don’t want anyone but you and the dentist to know you have one. If you have any questions or concerns about placing a same day crown, then please contact our office today.

Do You Need a Dental Restoration?

At Lawson Family Dentistry, we can help repair your teeth, often in just one sitting. Dr. Lawson and her team proudly welcome patients of all ages from Urbandale, IA, as well as Johnston, Grimes, Waukee, and all surrounding communities. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, please call our Urbandale office today at (515) 278-4366.