When Do You Need Bite Equilibration?

Occasionally, injury or other issues can lead to malocclusion, also known as a bite imbalance. When this occurs, you can develop oral health complications and serious discomfort in many cases. In order to address the issue, we need to correct your imbalance with bite equilibration. When do you need bite equilibration? What are the warning signs of an imbalance?

What Causes Malocclusion?

The balance involves the relationship between how your upper and lower teeth fit together, which can also impact the jaw joints. When malocclusion, or an imbalance, occurs, the pressure on your jaw joints and the rest of your smile can be great and will exert every time you eat or speak. Causes of an imbalance can include tooth loss, injury to the face or jaw, or issues with how your jaw and teeth develop.

How Do You Address Malocclusion?

The doctor will first examine your smile for signs of wear or imbalance. She can then use digital imaging equipment, as well as diagnostic models, to assess the severity of the issue and decide on the best treatment options. Treatment will vary, depending in the cause and severity of your issue. You may require an oral appliance to reposition the jaw, a restoration, or even a replacement tooth to restore balance. We may also discuss orthodontic treatment as well.

What Happens If My Imbalance Isn’t Corrected?

Without treatment, the malocclusion can lead to serious oral health complications, including cracked and chipped teeth or worn enamel, which can lead to decay or infection. You may also develop loose teeth, exposed roots, or gum recession, which makes the onset of periodontal disease more likely. Finally, these issues can also make the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding/jaw clenching). If you have any questions about bite equilibration, or if you feel you need a consultation, then please contact our office today.

Do You Have Questions About Bite Equilibration?

At Lawson Family Dentistry, we can address the imbalance in your smile and restore your oral health. Dr. Lawson and her team proudly welcome patients of all ages from Urbandale, IA, as well as Johnston, Grimes, Waukee, and all surrounding communities. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, please call our Urbandale office today at (515) 278-4366.