How Do You Help Kids Avoid Cavities?

Last week, we looked at tooth decay prevention and treatment in adults. However, as we mentioned briefly, children are also susceptible to tooth decay as well. Fortunately, we have preventive treatments designed to protect little smiles from the onset of cavities. Do your kids need fluoride treatments or dental sealants?

Frequently Asked Questions About Children and Cavity Prevention

Question: How do dental sealants work?

Answer: Dental sealants are a special plastic material that can be placed onto the back teeth. The molars are often difficult for children to reach when they brush and floss, which means the food can become stuck between them. The coating prevents food from becoming stuck between these teeth, limiting the risk of cavities forming. The sealants will wear away with time.

Question: Can my child benefit from fluoride treatments?

Answer: There’s a reason fluoride is added to our tap water. The presence of fluoride can significantly reduce the risk of cavities, as this mineral strengthens enamel. A treatment involves applying the mineral as a varnish, which protects the teeth from enamel erosion and the onset of cavities.

Question: Do baby teeth really need treatment?

Answer: Often, we encounter parents that assume since baby teeth eventually fall out, they don’t need a filling. However, the baby teeth don’t typically start falling out until a child reaches the age of six and losing them all can take several years. If left untreated, a cavity can continue to grow worse until an infection forms. A dental infection is quite painful and can eventually cause the tooth to be lost prematurely, increasing the risk of misalignment developing. We always suggest having a cavity treated quickly! If you have any questions, then please contact our office today to talk about treatment and prevention options.

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