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Dr. Lawson Completes The Dawson Core Curriculum

Dr. Lawson believes in continuing education, which means attending additional courses and classes to learn more about the latest treatment options in dentistry. Recently, she completed the Dawson Core Curriculum for Advanced Dental Studies! In the picture to the left, you can see Dr. Lawson with (from left to right) Dr. John Cranham, Dr. Pete Dawson, and Dr. Glen DuPont. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about this program and what completing it means for the serves we provide!

The Dawson Core Curriculum for Advanced Dental Studies

The Dawson Program provides a number of continuing education courses, programs, and elective classes to improve a dental professional’s knowledge. The doctor can then learn more about new treatment options and the latest findings in multiple areas of dentistry. The core program focuses on oral-systemic health, esthetic restorative dentistry, dental occlusion, and the treatment of TMJ dysfunction, allowing a dental professional to learn more about how the muscles, joints, and teeth all fit and function together.

Dedicated to Improving Your Oral Health

Dr. Lawson has always had one goal: Help her patients enjoy healthier smiles and provide a calm, caring environment. Accomplishing this goal means continuing to expand her knowledge in the dental field. We’re very proud of her completion of the Dawson Core Curriculum for Advanced Dental Studies. She continues to show a steadfast dedication to providing a high level of care for patients of all ages.

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