How Do You Protect Children From Cavities?

Tooth decay can lead to major discomfort if not treated in time. In addition, this common oral health concern can lead to serious complications, including the premature loss of a tooth. How do you protect children from cavities? With preventive dentistry and quality homecare, you can help reduce the risk of cavities in children.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting Children from Cavities

Question: Do you offer dental sealants?

Answer: Yes! Dental sealants are a special plastic material that we can apply onto the molars. These teeth sit in the rear of the mouth and are often difficult for children to reach when brushing and flossing. Food can then become trapped between, where bacteria break them down in a process that can lead to tooth decay. Our sealants are safe and will wear away with time.

Question: Should my child receive fluoride treatments?

Answer: We may often recommend a special fluoride treatment for children. Applied to the teeth in varnish form, the fluoride strengthens the tooth’s natural defenses against cavities. As a result, children can enjoy a lower risk of developing tooth decay.

Question: How often should their teeth be cleaned?

Answer: As with adults, kids need to have their teeth thoroughly cleaned by a dentist or hygienist once every six months. During the procedure, we remove all plaque and tartar form the teeth before gently polishing them.

Question: How often do kids need to brush and floss?

Answer: Just like you, kids need to brush twice a day and floss every night before bed. As soon as the teeth erupt, brushing and flossing is necessary. Be sure to use age-appropriate brushes and for younger children, a floss pick may be easier to help them clean between their teeth with.

Do You Have Questions About Preventing Cavities in Children?

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