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MTM® Aligners Vs. The Alternatives

straight smiles with mtm alignersIt’s not that you don’t want a straighter smile; but, when faced with the prospect of having to wear metal braces for a year or two, many adults choose not to straighten their crooked teeth. Fortunately, modern orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments continue to offer increasingly more discreet (and, in some cases, faster) options than traditional, conspicuous braces. For instance, our innovative MTM® Clear Aligners (which stands for Minor Tooth Movement) can help significantly improve the appearance of an uneven smile, and in only about six months.

Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

Clear aligners are a revolutionary approach to tooth movement. Rather than using brackets and wires to gently force teeth into their proper positions, clear aligners are designed in a series to progressively guide your teeth’s movement. Many clear aligners can offer a more discrete option for adult patients with malocclusion (tooth/bite misalignment), but treatment time is typically the same or longer as with conventional orthodontic braces.

MTM® Aligners vs. Other Clear Braces

Though they also consist of a series of see-through acrylic aligners, MTM’s system of clear aligners are crafted to address the cosmetic aspects of your smile. Therefore, they can accomplish their goal in approximately six months, as opposed to 18-24 months (exact treatment times depend on several case-specific factors).

Besides shorter treatment durations, MTM aligners also offer a number of advantages that make teeth-straightening more comfortable and less-intrusive than braces. Before brushing and flossing your teeth, or before enjoying a snack or meal, you can remove the aligners to avoid having to work around, and potentially damage, your braces. As long as you wear them for the required amount of time every day, you can also temporarily remove them to attend social events and business meetings for an additional confidence boost.


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