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Urbandale, IA Family Dentist Speaks about Fluoridating Water Supplies

Water BottleThe benefits versus dangers of fluoridating community water supplies has become ripe for debate. In the Des Moines area, Bill Stowe (CEO of the Des Moines Water Works) takes calls from members of the public who are concerned about fluoride on a regular basis. Many dentists, scientists, public health officials, and the American Dental Association (ADA) are fans of the practice of fluoridating water. Since the early 1950s, when the efforts to fluoridate water began, there has been a marked decrease in tooth decay throughout America. Urbandale, IA family dentist, Dr. Jessica Lawson, is among the dentists that agree that concerns are unfounded and fluoridated water deserves credit as opposed to criticism.

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Des Moines Water Works serves 500,000 people in the metro Des Moines area. People that are against fluoridation have become increasingly impassioned over recent years. Their concerns generally stem from the idea that if excess fluoride is dangerous to our health, than how can drinking fluoridated water throughout the day be a good, safe plan? Approximately 1,200 community water systems (roughly 42%) in Iowa add fluoride to their public water supplies. Citizens who oppose the practice of fluoridating water may not have all of the facts, however.

Drink your Water; Keep your Teeth

Adding small amounts of fluoride to water supplies started around the time that World War II was in full swing. The reduction of tooth decay since that time has been so substantial that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider water fluoridation to be one of the “ten great public health achievements of the 20th century. Tooth loss is no longer considered inevitable, and increasingly adults in the United States are retaining most of their teeth for a lifetime.” Even though there is no compelling evidence that fluoride levels in public water supplies are harmful to people, answering to public concern and the higher rates of fluoride in common dental products, water works officials lowered the fluoridation levels down by 0.3 parts per million back in 2011.

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