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Advanced Dental Technology

Technology for faster and healthier care

As technology keeps advancing, dentistry continues to evolve along with it. For instance, today’s cosmetic and restorative dental materials are more durable, lifelike, and biocompatible than ever. Having been trained at the prestigious Dawson Academy for advanced dental care, Dr. Lawson utilizes digital and laser technology to make everything from diagnostic exams to soft-tissue surgery faster and more precise, improving the quality of your overall oral health care!

Planscan/Single Appointment Crowns

Using the CAD/CAM E4D system, we can plan, create, and place a custom-made dental crown in a single visit. The completed crown will look natural and provide many years of lifelike and durable dental restoration.

Smile Makeover Software

With our Smile Makeover Software, we can show patients detailed images of what a smile makeover could look like. Patients can then make more informed decisions about their treatments. The doctor will also be able to choose the best procedures to help provide a makeover that works for a patient’s preferences and budget.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays have long been an important part of dental diagnostic exams. Today, however, we utilize digital radiology that emits up to 90 percent less radiation to capture more detailed digital X-ray images. The X-rays are produced nearly instantly, allowing you to view them alongside Dr. Lawson on a chairside monitor. Digital X-rays also make it easier to keep your dental records updated, and to share those records with other oral health specialists in the future.

Intraoral Cameras

During a routine preventive dental exam, Dr. Lawson performs a thorough visual inspection of your teeth and oral tissues to detect signs of trouble (if any). Some areas, however, are not easily visible, and Dr. Lawson may use a digital intraoral camera for a more comprehensive examination. The tiny camera sits at the end of a small, maneuverable wand that Dr. Lawson can use to carefully move the camera around, and the digital images are projected in real-time to a chairside monitor.

Soft-Tissue Laser

Traditional oral surgery is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible. Still, we prefer to utilize a carefully calibrated soft-tissue laser for higher accuracy, improved results, and increased comfort. Our soft-tissue diode laser provides a faster and more comfortable experience, and can be used for a number of soft-tissue procedures, including gum contouring, periodontal maintenance, and childhood frenectomy, among many others.

Lighthouse 360®

We know that life is hectic, and keeping up with dental appointments can sometimes be challenging. To make it easier, we utilize Lighthouse 360® patient communication technology. You can receive communications, notifications, and confirmations from our office regarding your appointments via text or email so you can be sure never to miss an appointment. We’ve also made paying for your dental treatment easier by offering online bill pay directly through our website!

With a strong dedication to maintaining and revitalizing your beautiful, youthful smile, we’ve invested a lot in advanced dental technology that allows us to closely tailor your treatment to your individual needs. To learn more, schedule a visit by calling Lawson Family Dentistry in Urbandale, IA, today at 515-278-4366.

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